A Nostalgic Look Back Pop Tarts: Nicole Steen and Vicki M.
2001 -2009


For a number of years this was the official website for Vancouver's self styled Pop Tarts, Nicole Steen and Vicki M.
Content is from the site's 2001 -2009 archived pages.

The new owners of this domain are Pop Tarts fans and didn't want the contents of the original site to completely disappear into the dusty attic of discarded domains.



tart 1n.round of pastry with jam etc. on top;pie with fruit or sweet filling.[F tarte]
tart 2.n sl. prostitute,immoral woman.
2 v.colloq.dress up gaudily,smarten up. [prob.abbr.of [SWEETHEART]
tart 3.a of acid taste; cutting bitter. (a tart reply).[OE]


Nicole Steen and Vicki M.
are Vancouver's self styled Pop Tarts.
Painting portraits of women within a pop culture context
is what these gals do best.Exhibits are based on a theme
which is accentuated on opening nights with costume and music.
Past shows have included
Pin-Up Girls, Villainess', Female Musicians, Western Gals, Fetish Femmes.
A little irony and a lot of humour is the common bond
in these artists' attitudes and work.

The TART Gallery presents women's art from North America
"Chick art","girly girl," "good"girl art, whatever you want to label it,it is a genre that defines itself by female artists working with feminine imagery within popular culture. Pin-ups, B-movie girls, centerfolds, cartoon heroines, singers and movie stars become inspirational as the strong female,independent and in control of their sexuality (often with an attitude.) A sometimes misunderstood genre due to the association of the imagery from a male perspective. Some feel these sexually charged works objectify women, others find it empowering....the appropriation of pin-ups as icons of strong sexuality by women reclaiming the imagery. Whatever your views this movement is here to stay and it's growing.

The PopTarts are in a book!

by Sherri Cullison

"Vicious,Delicious and Ambitious Ladies:20th Century Women Artists" by Schiffer Books
Dripping with rich color, below-the-belt attitude and street-level sensibilities and style, lowbrow art has been custom-built around racy cars and even racier women. It offers a sexual and snarling, big-toothed space age gape, lots of muscular torque and a fast getaway. Lowbrow is a genre in which there are no rules. This stuff hangs on walls and glares at you like a freshly purple and pulsing bruise. You might not want to look, but you do anyway. It's that compelling.

The best twist of it all? Ladies. No longer solely created by and for the "big daddies," lowbrow art has seen the transformation from gals simply being the voluptuous subjects on the canvas to women gracefully mastering the hand and imagination behind the brush. These driven ladies continue to wink at everything bawdy and gawdy, while they woo thousands with their distinctly feminine approach to the once-outsider art.

And they are only gathering steam. Vicious, Delicious and Ambitious Ladies offers over 200 full-color images, essays from Anthony Ausgang and Chris Pfouts, and the individual stories of 20 female artists, written by Sherri Cullison. Nowhere else can you find the lowdown in lowbrow, replete with the lewd, the luscious and the ladies who love it.

Art Exhibit
October 17-Nov. 2
Ne Plus Ultra-Project Space
1080 Queen St W. Toronto,Canada

Art Opening and Book Signing
Thursday October 17 2002

Saturday November 23 ,2002 7-10pm
Third Avenue Gallery
1725 W. Third Avenue,Vancouver BC
One Night Only!!

Featuring work by :

Kirsten Easthope (Colorado)
Lisa Petrucci (Seattle)
Sunny Buick (San Francisco)
Andrea Tucker (Vancouver)
Nicole Steen (Vancouver)
Vicki M. (Vancouver)
Sharon Leong (San Francisco)
Annette Hassell (Los Angeles)
Stacy Lande (Los Angeles)
Christine Karas (Pasadena)
Isabel Samaras (Los Angeles)
Dragonfly (New York)
Rebecca 7 (Los Angeles)


The PopTarts are in an art documentary!

The LOWDOWN ON LOWBROW coming to Bravo TV Canada in Januaryand throughout 2007
DVD's available at Looks Could Kill Art Boutique-Calgary
DVA Gallery in Chicago
JEM Gallery in Vancouver


2005 May Featured Artist

Rot N'Hell Art Show
Sat. May 14 at the New Tiny-Union & Main St. Vancouver


Get You

Drinkerbell / Trash Tart







Born in Vancouver and grew up in the West End.I liked Art class and stayed up way too late painting and drawing in my room,missing Math class in the morning.Painted with acrylic on paper and cardboard, sometimes canvas board.Heavily influenced by late night movies and post-punk brit music.Started going to all ages punk gigs,dyed my hair when I was an extra (called a Skunk) in the punk movie "Ladies and Gentlemen,The Fabulous Stains". Met artist/musicians the Braineaters (punk/glamour) and worked as an assistant painting,sanding and masking. Started a band with my girlfriend Sacha Moisewitsch.Kill Pussycat Kill,two girls-guitar and bass.We played our first show at the Unit Pit Gallery with I,Braineater (aka Jim Cummins) and the Last Sex on Earth.Designed t-shirts and posters,played shows with Frightwig, Bratty and the Babysitters,and the Scramblers. Sacha's mother,artist Carel Moisewitsch's colourful ,anarchistic illustrations of punks and goths spurred us on.

I had my first exhibit in a vintage clothing storežs glass display case.In a 3x6x10 foot space,I hung sheets of paper painted with glamour icons,Marlene Dietrich,Carole Lombard and Veronica Lake etc. Paper Dolls Later, I included paintings on cardboard of comic book heroines and b-movie dames in the display. I worked in a rep-movie theatre and continued to paint movie queens and ad art from cinema.I also worked as a production assistant on student horror film projects Baltek, Cancerman, Rapid Eye Movement and a number of rock videos.Started working on stretched canvas and showed a piece in a group show at the artist ås (12 Midnite and Anya Slade) run Smash Gallery in Gastown. Formed a new band with filmmaker and partner Marcus Rogers,Stevo Knauff and Ian Tiles called COAL ,wrote songs and did the cover art for a Cd release. Performed in galleries,clubs and theatres (Ridge Theatre,Arts Club Revue) around town.Custom designed and painted on jackets and clothing under the tag Original Sin. In 1993,put on a one-woman show at POP! Media/ Culture titled Exotic Exit with paintings and a musical performance by COAL.Music became my primary focus for awhile,playing, recording, songwriting and producing 3 music videos for the band.

Slid back into painting for the SPACE show at the HR Macmillan Planetarium art and music event. Participated in Vancouveržs first LowBrow group show at the Gastown live music venue/gallery, the Brickyard. Joined forces with artists Vicki M. and Arlene Kofol,to show strictly female subjects,the Painted Ladies.
As a team,known as the POPTARTS,the three of us continued to show paintings of women in the Villainess show at the Moonbase Gallery and then exhibitions: Smells Like Female Women in Music,Love Hurts at the Brickyard.Future plans included an invasion via the Internet,I developed a website for The PopTarts.In 2001 the PopTarts (now minus 1) Vicki M. and Nicole opened the Tart Gallery in the back of Zulu Records on 4th avenue in Vancouver.After a year and half the Tart Gallery closed it's doors but continued as a curatorial force.The POPTARTS hosted two all female group shows in the Fall of 2002 in conjunction with the release of a book Vicious,Delicious and Ambitious:20th Century Women Artists by Sherri Cullison published by Schiffer Books.13 artists(including the PopTarts)from the book were exhibited in Toronto and Vancouver.As well Vicki and I were invited to show in the "Ladies of Lowbrow" shows at Copro Nason and La Luz De Jesus in Los Angeles and at the erotic gallery Blue Ruin in Pittsburgh,PA. Future plans include more "Vicious" shows and book signings and a "documentary" on the PopTarts adventures.

New Tiny GalleryCalendar Girls (Solo Show)January 2005
New Tiny GalleryTIKI Lounge III December 2004
Joe Blow GlassworksTruckstops & TrailerparksDecember 2004
Roq La RuePin-Up ShowNovember 2004
Libra RoomClassic Cocktails (Solo Show)October 2004
Starlite Room 7 Year Itch:Kustomized Kitsch ShowAugust 2004
Luckystar Studio Canadian Invasion: Rob Elliott & The PopTartsJuly 2004
Marine Club & WBC Lowbrow on the High Seas:Pirate Show June 2004
Shooting Gallery SF2nd Annual Erotic Show June 2004
Elliot Louis GalleryCheaper 6 (Fracture Industries) May 2004
NEW TINY Flirting with Perversity(Group Show)April 2004
Redcat Records 2 Hot 2 Handle(Ladies on Latex) March-May 2004
CPOP GallerySIRENS March 2004
M Modern Gallery Modern Love February 2004
Bukowski's Gallery Lyrical Content January 2004
Consolidated WorksSEAF-Seattle Erotic Art Festival January 2004
New Tiny Gallery TIKI show December 2003
Kuhlman's ClothingHeaven or HellGroup Show-October 2003
Hawthorn Gallery Explosive Art Group Show-October 2003
Gallery Bink Group Show September 2003
Roq La Rue Dark Fairytales July 2003
Fuse GalleryVicious,Delicious and Ambitious July 2003
Bukowski's Gallery RE:Vamp(Sirens of the Silent Screen) May 2003May 2003
Perihelion Arts Vicious,Delicious and Ambitious May 2003
Blue Ruin Gallery WHIPSMART!PopTarts & Krysztof Nemeth February 2003
Westside Burrito Connection Twisted Valentine Group ShowFebruary 2003
111 Minna Gallery Sci-Fi Western Show Jan/Feb 2003/
Blue Ruin GalleryWork of Women:Erotic art by Women January 2003/
La Luz De Jesus Vicious,Delicious and Ambitious January 2003/
Copro/Nason Ladies of Lowbrow December/January 2003
Third Avenue Gallery Vicious,Delicious and Ambitious November 2002
Ne-Plus-Ultra Gallery Vicious,Delicious and Ambitious October 2002
Gallery Bink Hot Rods Vs Hot Bods(Kustom Kulture Group Show) September 2002
Lucky's Hot August Nights:Tribute to Neil Diamond (Group Show) August 2002
Lucky's "Dirty Dishes:Ladies on Latex"(Solo Show) April 2002
The Big "C" Grill "Mind Under Matter:a retrospective"(Solo Show) February 2002/
Tart Gallery "EGBDF" Oct./Nov.2001
Tart Gallery "Post No Bills" October 2001/
Tart Gallery "Tatts Getcha Sex!" September 2001/
Swizzle Gallery "If You Could Read My Mind" Summer 2001/
Tart Gallery "Packaging is Everything" June 2001
Tart Gallery "Viva Las Vegas" April 2001/
Tart Gallery "Lariats & Petticoats"(PopTarts) February-March 2001/
Not Just Another Music Shop "Something Electric"(Solo Show) December 2000/
Tart Gallery "PEEPSHOW" November 2000/
Swizzle Gallery "Tiki Show"September 2000/
Tart Gallery"PINK" September 2000/
Glass Onion "ARTthrob II:Size Matters August 2000/
Moonbase Gallery "Kustom Kulture" August 2000/
Ladyfest (Olympia WA) "GROUP SHOW" August 2000/
Tart Gallery "TRIBAL" June-July 2000/
Brickyard "Love Hurts"(PopTarts) February-March 2000/
Brickyard "Artist's Tribute to Bad Taste" January 2000/
Brickyard "Erotic World" September 1999/
Starfish Room "Alleycat Scramble 3 w/ Bif Naked Sep.15 1999/
Brickyard "Strokes & Chords" July 1999/
Moonbase Gallery "Late Bloomers" June 1999/
Brickyard "Low Brow Show" May1999/
Robson Square Media "MusicWest"May 1999/
Brickyard"Smells like Female" Feb.1999/
Moonbase Gallery " Small Worlds" Nov.1998/
Moonbase Gallery"Villainess" Oct.1998/
Brickyard "Low Brow Show" May 1998/
Brickyard "Painted Ladies" Feb.1998/
Brickyard "Low Brow Show" May 1997/
The Planetarium "Space Show" Oct.1996/
Pop!Media Culture "Exotic Exit" Aug.1993/
Big Red Dot "Go-Go" July 1992/
Smash Gallery "Group Show" May1989/



Coming Up Next!

12 one of a kind pairs and calendars!


Brand New "Burlesque Dirty Dishes"!

Previously at the GIRLIE FUN SHOW at Bumbershoot 2004 in Seattle
Now available at Bluebottle Art Store

I first painted on latex gloves for an erotic show at the Tart Galleryand another at the Glass Onion.Both sold immediately and orders for custom gloves followed.
"DIRTY DISHES" is a series of these rubber gloves painted with saucy dancers and adorned with symbols of "fetish" items.Playful and kitschy these "ladies on latex"give a nod to an era gone by but wink and flirt with the promise of a new found "take" on the sexual tease.





Vancouver's dominant purveyor of lowbrow pop art,promoting established and upcoming artists as the curator at the Brickyard in Gastown.This downtown drinking establishment is a live music venue that features art exhibits with traditional gallery-style opening nights that combine art,music and performance.
The Brickyard has been pushed to the front of the local alternative art scene because openings and artists have been given extensive coverage by the local media.Reviews and feature stories have been in The Georgia Straight,The Province,Loop Magazine.VTV News,The Vancouver Courier,The Westender and City Tv's "Ooh La La".

Vicki M. began dabbling with promo work in the early 1980's taking photos and designing gig posters for various local bands. At the same time her pursuit of art,specifically painting,resulted in her inclusion in several group show at 12 Midnite and Anya Slade's renowned SMASH GALLERY.By 1991 she was a full time student at the Emily Carr Insititue of Art and Design,graduating in 1995 with a degree in Fine Art.Discovering that there were no places to show her work and the work of similar artists,Ms M.staged exhibits in after-hours clubs and as a result became involved with the now defunct FLUX STUDIOS.Disillusioned with the lack of Pop Art shown in local galleries, Ms.M.co-curated shows with 12 Midnite to bring together members of Vancouver's Pop Art community.
12 Midnite's connections led to an opening night at the Brickyard called LOWBROW'97.This exhibit featured local pop artists I Braineater,12 Midnite,Anya Slade,Ken Gerberick,Mark Atomos Pilon,ManWoman and Dave Ostrem.In May 1997, Vicki M. took on the permanent position of curator at the Brickyard.

Fast forward to February 1998-the show at the Brickyard puts the spotlight on the PopTarts,a 3-chick-posse who exhibit ALL GIRL ART staged as theme shows with music and costume.Past shows include "Painted Ladies"(pin ups and movie stars),"Villainess"(historical baddies and serial killers) and "Smells Like Female"(iconic female musicians).
Over the past 16 years Vicki M's involvement in antique and vintage fashion shows as well as her own collection and extensive knowledge of vintage clothing has been a major influence in her work.Her love of the image and irony of stereo typical female images within a pop culture context frequently shows up in her work,particularily those familiar pop art icons,pointy bras and high heels.
With works included in twelve different shows in 1998,as well as promoting fourteen gallery showswith over 50 artists each year,she barely has time to liveup to being one of Loop Magazine's "Most Dangerous People" of1999. Winter of 2000 she was also a juror for the Province's annual list of "Up and Comers",in the Visual Art category,ofcourse.This is one gal to keep an eye on.

by artist Krysztof Nemeth of Charm School Art & Design

Roq La Rue Pin-Up Show November 2004
Luckystar Studio Canadian Invasion:Rob Elliott & The PopTarts July 2004
Marine Club Lowbrow on the High Seas:Pirate Show June 2004
Shooting Gallery SF2nd Annual Erotic Show June 2004
CPOP Gallery SIRENS March 2004/
Bukowski's Gallery Lyrical ContentJanuary 2004/
Hawthorn Gallery Explosive Art Group Show-October 2003/
Roq La Rue Dark FairytalesJuly 2003/
Fuse GalleryVicious,Delicious and AmbitiousJuly 2003/
Perihelion Arts Vicious,Delicious and AmbitiousMay 2003/
Blue Ruin Gallery WHIPSMART!PopTarts & Krysztof Nemeth February 2003/
111 Minna Gallery Sci-Fi Western ShowJan/Feb 2003/
La Luz De Jesus Vicious,Delicious and AmbitiousJanuary 2003/
Copro/Nason Ladies of LowbrowDecember/January 2003/
Third Avenue Gallery Vicious,Delicious and AmbitiousNovember 2002/
Ne-Plus-Ultra Gallery Vicious,Delicious and AmbitiousOctober 2002/
Gallery Bink Hot Rods vs Hot Bods(Kustom Kulture Group Show)September 2002/
Tart Gallery "EGBDF" Oct/Nov.2001/
Tart Gallery "Post No Bills:Poster art show"October 2001/
Tart Gallery"Tatts Getcha Sex!" September 2001/
Swizzle Gallery "If You Could Read My Mind" Summer 2001/
Tart Gallery "Viva Las Vegas" April 2001/
Tart Gallery "Lariats & Petticoats"(PopTarts)February-March 2001/
Moonbase Gallery "Popular Missconceptions"(Solo Show) September 2000/
Tart Gallery "PINK" August 2000/
Moonbase Gallery "Kustom Kulture" August 2000/
Tart Gallery "TRIBAL"June-July 2000/
Brickyard "Love Hurts" February-March 2000/
Brickyard "Erotic World" September 1999/
Starfish Room "Alley Cat Scramble 3"w/Bif Naked Sept.15 1999/
Moonbase Gallery "Late Bloomers" June 1999/
Brickyard "Low Brow Show" May 1999/
Robson Square Media "MusicWest" May 1999/
Brickyard "Smells like Female" Feb.1999/
A Walk is Gallery "Form and Function" Dec.1998/
Moonbase Gallery" Small Worlds"Nov.1998/
Moonbase Gallery "Villainess" Oct.1998/
Brickyard "Monster Show" Oct.1998/
Metal Magik "Metal Magik"July 1998/
Brickyard "Low Brow Show" May 1998/
Brickyard "Painted Ladies"Feb.1998/
Brickyard "Monster Show" Oct.1997/
Brickyard"Low Brow Show" May 1997/
Helen Pitt Gallery "50/50' Nov.1996/
Flux Studios "Flux" July 1996/
Cafe Deux Soleils "Rat Pack Show" Sept. 1995/
Crib Warehouse "Oral Fixation" Sept.1994/
Smash Gallery "Elvis & Marilyn"Dec.1990/
Smash Gallery "Group Show" May 1989/




The Tart Gallery was previously located in Vancouver BC
at 1869 W. 4th Ave.at Zulu Records.
Thanks Grant!